Lowry Hill

Lowry Hill has been one the city's most fashionable neighborhoods since the 1880s.

Lowry Hill Introduction

Before white settlement, Lowry Hill was partly open prairie -- but it also included a rugged hill that the Indians called the “Devil’s Backbone.” In 1867, Calvin Goodrich, a doctor from Ohio, bought the 148-acre parcel. A year later, he, his wife…

1706 Colfax Ave. So.

Original owner: Arthur Miller Architect: Leroy S. Buffington Built 1907 Leroy Buffington claimed to have invented the skyscraper and for a time held a patent on the idea.

1710 Colfax Ave. So.

This house in the Tudor Revival style was built in 1911. Architects: Lamoreaux and Long.

1724 Colfax Ave. So.

Original owner: John Speedy, owner of a paint and wallpaper store. Architect: Frank Reed Built before 1885 This is one of the 10 oldest houses in Lowry Hill. It was about to be torn down by new owners who wanted to build a larger, more…

1775 Colfax Ave. So.

Original owner: Former Governor of Minnesota John Lind. Architect: William Channing Whitney Built 1905 Georgian Revival style.

1787 Colfax Ave. So.

Original owner: Thomas Hurley Architect/builder: Theron Potter Healey Built 1895 Original cost: $7,000

1004 Summit Ave. -- Pennington House

Original Owner: Chester Pennington Pennington was president of the Soo Line Railroad, 1909-1922 Architect:William Kenyon Built: 1906 Photo: courtesy Minnesota Historical Society The Soo Line Railroad was named for the fact that it went through…