1624 Emerson Avenue North

This 1904 two-and-a-half-story Classical Revival home was built as a duplex and was apparently intended to be used as a rental property. It has belonged to three generations of one family since 1951.

The current owners' grandparents purchased the home in 1951. They resided in the lower level and raised six children there, and they took great pride and joy in restoring and updating both the interior and exterior of the home. When the neighboring house was demolished, they bought the property and extended their yard and garden into that space. The property now has a double garage and landscaped patio. Over the years the upper level was home to two grandmothers and other extended family.

The current owner bought the house from her mother, who still lives in the lower level while the owner lives upstairs.

This two-and-a-half-story vernacular duplex home with Classical Revival features sits on a limestone foundation.

As with many homes in the neighborhood, it has a steeply-pitched, gabled roof with wide, boxed eaves. There is a Palladian window in the attic gable, and side dormers.

Three fluted, Doric columns, on brick piers with stone caps, support each porch. Observe the wide band of trim beneath the cornice of both the main roof and the porch roof, and lathe-turned balusters in the porch railings.

The diagonally-latticed skirtboard appears to be replacement.