Shenandoah Terrace Spreadsheet

Data on dozens of buildings in the Shenandoah Terrace neighborhood in South Minneapolis

The software underlying Minneapolis Historical is designed to contain "tours" -- that is, narrative descriptions and photographs of individual buildings grouped geographically in particular parts of the city. Despite the fact that the spreadsheet presented here includes neither narrative nor photos, it does indeed contain information on dozens of buildings in the Shenandoah Terrace Neighborhood. The Shenandoah Terrace Neighborhood is bounded on the north by E. 47th St.,, on the east by 14th Ave. So., on the south by Minnehaha Creek, and on the west by Chicago Avenue.

Note: The spreadsheet is based on information contained in Minneapolis building permits issued through 1973. Newer buildings may have replaced some buildings shown in the spreadsheet.

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SHENANDOAH TERRACE houses in Chrono order 2019 (1).xlsxxlsx / 38.81 kB Download