Pierce House • 10 Red Cedar Lane

Architect: Carl B. Stravs
Date: 1924
Style: English Cottage Revival

This house was built for a Baptist minister named Pierce. Its architect, Carl Stravs, like John Jager, was educated in Vienna and, from 1905 to 1909, the two architects were partners. Together, they designed the remarkable concrete-framed house at 4106 Vincent Ave. So. for glass designers Robert and Isabella Giles. Other buildings by Stravs include his own house at 4649 York Ave. So., a house at 2205 W. 52nd St., and the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house at the University of Minnesota, 1129 University Ave. SE.

The façade of this house may seem jumbled at first glance. However, a longer look reveals two series of zigzag lines. One begins with the concrete stairs at left, incorporates the roofs of the garage and screen porch, and climbs to the high roof. The other zigzag begins with the front entry vestibule (note the battered -- i.e., tapered -- corners) and includes the projecting volume of the living room, which is supported on thick wood brackets. Typical of the English Cottage Fantasy Revival Style, there are hundreds of window panes!



10 Red Cedar Lane, Minneapolis, MN ~ Private Property