Perry Larawa House • 1 Red Cedar Lane

A house designed by an architect for his own family

Architect: Perry Larawa
Date: 1940
Style: English Cottage Revival

This house of several gables is sheathed in two colors of brick, some of which were intentionally “aged” with dashes of mortar. The front door is surrounded by a sheltering timber-frame. The whole composition is cozily nestled under a steep roof with two large dormers and a “cat slide” in front. Perry Larawa designed and built the house for his own family. He sold it in 1951 to the Eisenstadt family. Dr. William Sawyer Eisenstadt was an allergist. His wife, Betty Eisenstadt, remembered that “John Jager was a wonderful man; he taught my kids and me a lot! Selma [Jager] was quiet; she baked cookies for all the neighbor kids.” Sawyer and Betty’s son Tom Eisenstadt (b. 1953) says “I knew John and spent some time with him. He let my older siblings help in his building projects such as the concrete steps from the street to the Jager house. My brother has some Indian arrowheads they found together on the property. I recall John Jager’s sudden death on Halloween evening in 1959.”



1 Red Cedar Lane, Minneapolis, MN ~ Private Property