Gillmer-Gleason House • 11 Red Cedar Lane

The newest house on Red Cedar Lane fits in nicely

Architect: Bruce Knutson
Date: 1990
Style: English Cottage Revival

The Josephs, who owned 5 Red Cedar Lane, sold the eastern part of their large lot, where this house was built. A timber frame surrounds the front door. The exterior surface of the house, called roughcast, is stucco with extra depth achieved by the inclusion of pea-sized stones (compare with the smoother stucco on 6 and 10 Red Cedar Lane).

Previously, the Josephs had a subterranean bomb shelter here. Tom Eisenstadt, who lived at 1 Red Cedar Lane says, “The bomb shelter was a large diameter cylinder of corrugated steel. It was accessed via a manhole style entrance down a ladder. My parents were rather unwillingly enlisted as half owners/funders of the project.”



11 Red Cedar Lane, Minneapolis, MN ~ Private Property