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4 Locations ~ Curated by Macalester College Students and Richard L. Kronick


4 Locations ~ Curated by Individual building descriptions by Macalester College students in 2019

Healy Block

17 Locations ~ Curated by by Anders Christensen; edited by Richard L. Kronick

Random Stories

Architects: Purcell and Strauel (“spec” house for Henry M. Peterson) Date: 1932 Style: English Cottage Fantasy Revival This is one of seven speculative houses designed for developer Henry M. Peterson, who owned the house at 3 Red Cedar Lane. …

Red Cedar Lane – an Introduction The story of Red Cedar Lane revolves around John Jager (pronounced yăger) who was born in Slovenia in 1871 and died in Minneapolis in 1959. In 1898, Jager received a degree in architecture from the Vienna…